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HAURATON History 1956 - 1974


A drainage channel as the first step to a Global Player

After hard years in Russian captivity - the memories are written down in a book - Karl Hauger returned and indicated in his Baden home again on foot. In the first days of HAURATON, then still under the name of Hauger und Jägel, the company mainly produces agricultural channels. Where once open channels and ducts were laid there are now precast units for easy installation for the first time. The channels are the first drainage channels from HAURATON. This product is developed step by step into the comprehensive range of today.

HAURATON History in images

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1965 - the range grows with the turnover

New products in the range

More products are quickly introduced into HAURATON's range alongside channels. The concrete coping stones represent low-cost and effective weather protection for walls in the house, courtyard and garden. They replace the expensive hand-made stone slabs, which were normally used until then. Today there are concrete coping stones in various widths.

HAURATON 1965zoom

1974 - Innovations secure the market position

Product innovations start the Export

In the 70's HAURATON is outstanding with a range of innovative products, with which it also begins to export to the most important West European countries. For example, metal full edge protection ensures that drainage channels become significantly more stable and durable. And this is when FASERFIX was born - a fibre-reinforced concrete, which makes slim channel walls with high vertical stability possible for the first time, as well as lower product weight. FASERFIX channels were developed for various areas of application. The highly durable FASERFIX SUPER range is one of the company's top performers today.

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